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Give your friends and family peace of mind with the Lively Link™ app.

Special opportunity for Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plan members and caregivers in partnership with Best Buy Health™.

You stay independent while your family stays reassured.

The Link app is a free smartphone app that connects with your Lively™ Mobile Plus device. The app keeps loved ones and caregivers, who you designate, informed about your health and safety, allowing them to stay connected without disturbing you.

The Link app features an exclusive Kaiser Permanente section with:

  • Caregiver tools & resources
  • Easy access to find Kaiser Permanente doctors and locations
  • Senior Health & Safety articles
  • Kaiser Permanente Member Services contact information

Link is an important support tool for loved ones and caregivers.

The Link app pairs with the Lively Mobile device to give your designated loved ones and caregivers easy access to important features designed to:

  • Help you stay connected
  • Alert loved ones and caregivers about changes in your daily activities
  • Notify loved ones and caregivers when services are used to get help
  • Connect loved ones and caregivers to Kaiser Permanente caregiving resources

Caregivers and loved ones can have access to exclusive Link smartphone app features.

Lively Link Screen

Check Power

Know immediately if your device is on or if the battery is low.

Receive Emergency Alerts

Receive notifications when Urgent Response is utilized.

Retrieve Location

Give first responders and family the ability to see your location on a map1.

Expand Connectivity to Kaiser Permanente

Easily connect to a variety of helpful articles, tools and resources.

Check Activities

Share daily routines and detect any changes in daily activity.

If you have any questions about Lively Link app, please call 800.463.5412.

1Coverage limits may apply.

Link app is easy to download.

It’s easy for loved ones to get started. They just need to download the app to their smartphone from the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. You can choose who you want to have access and what information they can see. They just need to follow these easy steps from their smartphone.

  1. For Apple iOS users, select the "Download on the App Store" button. For Android users, select the "Get it on Google Play" button. You may also search for “Lively Link” in the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.
    • Download Link app on the App Store
    • Get Link app on Google play
  2. Open the Lively Link application once it has fully downloaded.
  3. Enter the login credentials you created when setting up your Lively Link app account. If you need assistance with this credential, please call 800.463.5412.

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