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Keep your family connected with the Lively Link app.

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Providing care can sometimes be overwhelming.

Lively understands this. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-use products that work with innovative health and safety services to simplify your to-do list and help you feel more in control of your daily routine.

Lively Link, a free app for your smartphone, keeps you informed about the health and safety of family members with Lively devices. You can check in with them when you want from anywhere, without disturbing them - helping them maintain the independent life they love.

Exclusive features help them stay independent and you feel reassured.

Lively Link Screen

Receive Emergency Alerts

Be in the know. Link will send you notifications for selected actions including when Urgent Response is utilized, allowing you to make decisions quickly and follow up without delay.

Check Device Status

Know immediately if the device is on or left at home. You’ll also be notified when the battery is low so you can remind them to recharge or replace the battery and stay connected.

Check Activities

Based on information in the Personal Profile, see if appointments are being kept or if there is a change in daily activity.

Get Caregiving Support

Resource center featuring helpful articles, advice and tips for seniors and caregivers.

Retrieve Location

When the locator is on, both you and first responders can see the subscriber’s location on a map. In an emergency, this information can save crucial minutes and seconds. Use your smartphone’s navigation system to get directions to the subscriber’s location without having to call.

Contact us

Get answers to questions and learn more about ways Lively helps aging adults stay independent, healthy and safe.

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