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We're here for you day or night.

Stay active and independent with our new Health & Safety Packages.

Reach the Lively Response Team for access to our exclusive health and safety services.

We’ll get you the help you need in an emergency, connect you with doctors and nurses from home, keep loved ones informed about your health and safety and more, right from your medical alert device or Jitterbug phone.

Urgent Response

Get help in emergencies 24/7 from Urgent Response Agents.

Just press the Urgent Response button and we’ll confirm your location, assess the situation, and get you the help you need.

Nurse On-Call

Speak to a nurse or doctor from the comfort of home.

Connect to medical professionals who can answer questions and order prescriptions for common medications, with no insurance or co-pays necessary.

Lively Link

Keep loved ones updated on your health and safety.

The Lively Link app helps you stay independent and reassures friends and family by sending an alert to their smartphone if you call Urgent Response.

Explore the products to help you stay safe and independent.

Select each product to learn more about it, including plans and pricing.

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