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Want us to notify your family in an emergency?

We can send alerts to friends and family when you contact Urgent Response.

Lively Link is a smartphone app that helps loved ones check in with you.

Lively Link is a smartphone app friends and family members can download to stay updated on your health and safety. With your permission, they’ll be able to view your location and changes in your daily activity. As long as you have your device with you, they can check in, even on the go, and they can even see if your device is on and how much battery life it has, so they’ll be able to remind you if it’s running low.

Exclusive features help you stay independent, and loved ones feel reassured.

Only the friends and family you invite to connect will be able to get updates through Lively Link.

Receive emergency alerts

Lively Link will send notifications for selected actions including when Urgent Response is called.

Retrieve location

When the locator is on, loved ones and first responders can see your location on a map. In an emergency, this information can save crucial minutes and seconds.

Check activities

Based on information in your personal profile, those with Lively Link can see changes in your daily activity.

Check device status

Those with Lively Link can see if the device is on or left at home and will be notified when the battery is low.

Here’s how Lively Link works.

  • Step1
    Step 1


    Get started by sending your friends and family members an invitation to connect to your Lively phone or medical alert.

  • Step2
    Step 2


    Friends and family download the Lively Link app available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

  • Step3
    Step 3

    Stay up-to-date.

    Once connected, they can receive alerts, check your activities and your device’s battery, and get caregiving support.

Common questions about Lively Link.

Lively Link is available on these Lively products with select plans.

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