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Deleting your personal information

We take great care to protect your privacy, but we understand if you'd like us to delete your personal information

Here's how it works and what it means for you:

After you submit your request, we will attempt to verify your identity based on the information we have on file. We then will proceed to delete your personal information unless it is excluded from deletion by applicable state law. But by choosing to delete your personal information with Lively, you might not receive marketing material or newsletters, including information on offers regarding new products/services or promotions.

There’s some information we won’t delete.

Applicable state law provides that certain information is not subject to deletion. For example, we will not delete information that relates to an ongoing relationship, existing contract, or services concerning Lively products you have purchased. This includes information related to:

  • Your account, the Link app, the Lively app, and your Personal Emergency Profile;

  • Your billing history;

  • Your device service plan and, if applicable, Health and Safety package; and

  • Information provided to Lively through your device that allows Lively to contact emergency services on your behalf.

Regardless of if you proceed with a deletion request, we will continue to respect and honor the privacy of your personal information.

To get started, are you a resident of any of the below states?

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut

  • Utah

  • Virginia


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