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Do Not Sell My Data

Lively does not sell (as “sell” is traditionally defined) your personal information.

That is, we don’t provide your name, phone number, address, email address or other personal information to third parties in exchange for money.

But under California law, sharing information for advertising purposes may be considered a “sale.” If you’ve visited certain components of our website, the information shared by “cookies” about your visit and device might be considered a sale under California law.

Online advertising

As part of online advertising, we and our advertising partners may collect information about your interactions with us when you visit our website. This information may include:

  • Type of device, operating system and/or browser you’re using

  • Cookies stored on your browser

  • Identifiers, including advertising identifiers on your device

  • IP address of your device

  • Your browsing and purchasing behavior while on our website

  • Lively domain name

  • Website you visited before you visited our site

  • Other data or information normally captured as part of online advertising activities

We may share this information with third-party advertising partners.

Why does Lively share this information?

Sharing this information with advertising partners lets us tailor and deliver advertising from GreatCall that may be more relevant or interesting to you.

What about my Jitterbug smartphone?

When you visit with your Jitterbug smartphone, the same thing described above happens with cookies as with any other device that visits our website. We DO NOT “sell” any other personal information we receive from your Jitterbug smartphone by any other means. To learn more about the information Lively collects and how we use or share it, see our Privacy Policy.

How to Opt Out of the “Sale” of Your Information via Cookies

Your privacy controls

You can opt out of the sharing of your information through cookies, by:

  • Blocking all cookies in your browser

  • Adjusting your mobile device’s privacy settings

Blocking cookies in your browser

Learn how to block cookies in these common browsers:

For other browsers, check their support website. And if you use multiple browsers or devices, you’ll need to block cookies and adjust your privacy settings on each browser for each device.

When you block cookies:

  • You might still see ads from Lively.

  • Some web pages might not be displayed correctly.

  • Some websites or apps might not function correctly.

  • You might not be able to view some websites.

  • You might not be able to take advantage of personalized features.

We may continue to share your information with our affiliates and service providers, and other third parties, for business purposes specified in our Privacy Policy or as otherwise permitted by law. Lively is continuing to make updates to make it easier for you to control your privacy options – so please check back.

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